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We live in Colorado Springs and within 30 minutes can be in the Rocky Mountains riding switchbacks and passes.  Over the last 11 years we have made it our goal to see this beautiful state from the view of the back roads  that reveal small towns rich with history and not to mention the unique diners whose meals are legendary. Places and people the main highways will not reveal. There are 50+ paved passes in Colorado and my wife and I have had the pleasure of riding all of them. It was on one of these rides the Chap Gap was birthed.  

The Birth of Chap Gap

The Chap Gap story: On a chilly September ride in 2016 over a  mountain pass in Colorado enjoying the amazing colors  of the foliage change, I suddenly realized something about my chaps. I love to wear them, they are insulated and keep my legs warm, but there is one part that is not warm or covered—the “gap” between my legs.  That started  the process of designing something that a would cover the “gap” area and keep it warm.  Clipped on the first prototype and tested it on a cold solo ride ... AND it kept the gap area warm!  Next test was on a 5 day October trip with the group I ride with.  Put together 4 more , handed them out and asked the guys to try it.  What started out with skepticism, jokes and laughter changed over the next 50 cold miles. They all agreed...IT WORKED! The design kept the essentials were warm.   Our friends, family and  fellow riders gave us many suggestions as what to name it  (some hilarious), but we decided CHAP GAP best described and fit as the name. 

 My passion for motorcycles started when I was 13 and now 51 years later, I still love  to ride.   I believe the best products for bikers are created, designed and tested  by bikers. 

Consider adding a Chap Gap to complete  your chaps and keep you warm for those cool/cold season rides.  

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Have questions or suggestions, contact me at Chap.gap@aol.com

Keep the kickstand up and the gap warm.  

Chap Gap

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States